We're Launching Lucky Hand Dice

Our operation is too small to meet the demand. We need to expand exponentially and we're crowdfunding to do it.

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Funding will go toward

  • Work Space

    We need a dedicated workspace to increase our production.

  • Hire Help

    We can't do this alone and we need to expand our team.

  • Equipment Upgrade

    With better equipment we can craft faster and in larger batches.

For a Successful fulfillment

  • Confident Process

    We've done our R&D and won't be doing anymore experimenting with our operation. We already have our process down, we’re just scaling it bigger.

  • Maintaining Speed

    We’re not taking any special custom orders or customizations so it won’t bog down our production.

  • Working within Limits

    We're placing an overall cap on the crowdfunding campaign to keep the total quantity of dice to a level that we can fulfill in a timely manner.