December Update

Hi All:

Ned here with another update. 
Lemmie has updated our website,  photographed, and put up listings for some new manufactured dice that we now have available on the new "Manufactured Inventory" section of our website here:
Just a heads up, we'll be shipping those out every Monday.
Work is continuing on the Crowdfunding Campaign dice. 
There was some confusion regarding our last update so I want to provide some clarity. While we are speaking with a couple factories about the possibility of making some of the remaining Crowdfunding Campaign dice designs for us, we have not yet ironed out all of the details. 
At this moment, the plan is to have them made with sharp edges, our font, and the same ingredients that we make our dice with right here in our garage. Because of the design of our dice, they cannot be injection-molded and have to be hand-made with resin, hand-painted, and polished by hand. This means that the dice will still be handcrafted, just not by Lemmie and I. 
While the right factory will be able to make the dice faster than we can, it's important folks understand that this whole process will still take awhile. We still have to work out the final details to determine which factory we'll be working with, have them make samples for us to inspect and provide feedback and then physically make each design. Because of budget constraints, we'll likely only be able to have one color made at a time. 
We appreciate everyone's understanding and patience :)