Our Story


Lucky Hand Dice was started because of a dice addiction.
My. Dice. Addiction.


I was going to pace myself. "Oh, I'll get a new dice set every time my character levels up." is what I said, not what I did.


It was getting pretty bad. I only had like a level 4 character in D&D 5e, 3 different characters at max and I had like over 20 sets. I NEEDED all of the PRETTY DICE. I scoured the dice section every time I went to a game shop. I sought out at every con a vendor who would carry the precious. At a con was my first encounter with sharp edge dice and I fell in love with the crisp edges and clear reflections of the faces. Being exposed to such beauty expanded my search to the internet (why I had not looked there before, idk) and brought me to handcrafted dice makers and their hand crafted wonders. They expanded my love and imagination for dice and I fell in love with color and shape combos that didn't exist. I wanted to create what I desired.


However it wasn't until we found out we were pregnant with our first child that I finally pursued creating dice. The first look at her I knew I would do anything for her and I wanted to be with her all the time. I saved up for supplies, did a ton of research, and took my first preorder in May of 2017. And here we are! My husband has joined me in creating dice, I'm still experimenting, and we get to be with each other and our now two daughters.


We're a small family owned business creating hand crafted dice to accompany your imagination and adventure.
We strive for quality products and customer service.
We believe in being a force for good and giving back.


We know you can get your dice anywhere so thank you for supporting us! We hope you enjoy our dice and may your rolls be Lucky!


family photo
The Walshes