Frequently Asked Questions

(Updated 6/3/19)

1. What are the dice made of?

We make our dice out of high grade resin, fill in the numbers with acrylic paint, and finish it off with a non-toxic polish for a high shine finish.

2. How do you make them?

Just like KFC's fried chicken recipe, we do not disclose this information because it's a company secret.

3. Are they balanced?

Yes. The shape itself is already balanced. We salt water test, as well as 100 roll test every new material we use.

4. Where and how can I purchase dice?

We just had a successful crowdfunding campaign in January and February on our website. We're nearly finished fulfilling outstanding pre-orders. Then we can start making crowdfunding campaign dice for our backers.

We'll be starting monthly sales soon on our website: which is powered by Shopify. The link to the shop is the blue button at the top of our page "Shop Now". See high resolution preview pictures of dice on our Facebook page before the sale goes live.

Dice sell out VERY fast. In the past, sets have sold out in seconds, singles and necklaces in just minutes. Keep in mind, Shopify does not award an item to the first person to put the item in their cart, but rather to the first person to complete checkout.

TIPS: Shopify accepts debit cards, credit cards and PayPal. Many of our customers have told us that PayPal takes too long to authorize and the item gets awarded to someone who purchased with a debit or credit card. We have been told by some folks that they fare better with a computer than their smart phone, but your mileage may vary depending on your internet connection speed, etc. Some of our customers have also reported the Apple Pay and Android Pay are somewhat faster as well.

If you don't manage to get an item, please do not be rude about it. We get so many complaints and rude comments after every sale and it's really quite exhausting. We make all our dice by hand. These things take a lot of time.

Currently, we're not taking new preorders.

5. Why does it take so long to make the dice?

We are not a mass manufacturer. We make all our dice in small batches by hand. Our dice are made in a very time-intensive, 6 step process. We are committed to turning out a beautiful, high quality product.

6. Where do you ship?

Everywhere! All packages come with tracking to make sure your order gets to you.

7. How much do your dice cost?

All our prices are in USD (Shopify automatically converts to your local currency) and include domestic shipping. International shipping is extra. For ready-to-ship items, our current pricing is:

Standard Sets: $85
Special Sets $100-$110 (some may be more depending upon materials and complexity involved in making them. Make sure to check the listing before purchase)
Standard D20: $30
Special D20: $40-$50
Standard Single (D4, D6, D8, D10, D100, D12): $12
Special Single $17
Standard D20 Necklace: $40
Special D20 Necklace $50-$65

8. Do you take custom/commissioned orders?

We do, however, the current waitlist is full. Don't worry, once we finish fulfilling that list, we will open a new one.

9. How much do custom and commissioned dice cost?

For standard colors we have already made, pricing starts at $150 per set and goes up for special designs like Gold Leaf in Blue, Fey Opal, etc. For true custom work, a simple one color die/one color number, pricing starts at $200 and goes up from there depending on materials and complexity involved in making them. We will provide you with a quote based on your needs. We won't begin working on the dice until you approve the quote and provide payment.

10. Your store is empty! What happened?

Please refer to question #4 for details, tips, and rules.

11. I saw a picture of something that I love! Will you be making more? Please? I NEED IT

Some dice are purely experimental and may only be made once, however, most of the designs that we have named will likely be made again in the future and listed for sale on our sales. If you would rather not take any chances, you can commission us to make any specific color we've made before once the next waitlist opens up.

12. How can I get your Gold Leaf in Blue? (We get this question so often, so I added it here)

We made Gold Leaf in Blue for Preorder #4. Because of the nature of suspension work like this, it's incredibly difficult to make this design without getting bubbles. We had a very large amount of waste in fulfilling this color for Preorder #4. Until we can find a solution for this, we do not plan to make this color again for our regular sales.

We are in talks with a mass-manufacturer to possibly make this design for us so we can offer it at a much better price point. The manufacturer is very busy, so it's going to take some time. Make sure to click the "Follow" button at the top of our Facebook page to keep notified of updates :)

13. How do you recommend taking care of my Lucky Hand Dice?

In order to keep your dice in the best shape possible, we recommend storing them separately from your other dice (particularly metal, ceramic, glass, and stone dice) to reduce the risk of scratching. To clean your dice, wiping with a clean soft cloth is best for general cleaning. If they get really dirty, that same clean cloth can be lightly wetted with water. We do not recommend soaking your dice in water, scrubbing with soap, alcohol, or any solvents. These harsh cleaners will ruin the protective clear coat we put on the dice and will void any chance for a return.

14. What is your cancellation/return policy?

 Please note: this is in reference to our regular sales where we sell "in stock" dice. For policies on our recent Crowdfunding Campaign in January/February 2019, refer to our Campaign FAQ'S.

You can cancel your order for a full refund at any time BEFORE we purchase a shipping label and ship it out to you. We ask that you do not place an order with us if you plan to just cancel it as it costs us money (and time) to cancel and refund orders. We only accept returns of dice for abnormal flaws or damage from shipping. We prefer to repair or replace affected dice whenever possible, but in the event that a return is necessary, please read the following:
To qualify for a return, you must notify us through appropriate channels within 14 days of receiving your dice. You must ship the dice back to us within 30 days of receiving them. We will only refund you once we receive the dice back.

15. What are your shipping policies?

You are responsible for providing us with the correct shipping address for your order. We recommend double checking your address after each purchase to make sure you have the right address on your order. If it is the wrong address, it is your responsibility to notify us through appropriate channels BEFORE we print shipping labels and ship your dice to you. We are not responsible for dice being sent to the wrong address.

16. What are your customer service policies?

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about your order or dice, please contact us directly via private message or email at

We only provide customer service on dice purchased directly from us. If you purchased or traded for some Lucky Hand Dice from someone else and have an issue with it, you'll need to contact them about your issue.


Have a question not listed here? Please reach out to us via private message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!