Campaign FAQ

How long will the campaign last?

The campaign will start Jan 15th, 2019 at 10am est. and will end on Feb 15th, 2019 at 11:59pm est.

Did you change some of the colors?

We did. Some of the colors we made used high cost and hard to find materials. In anticipation of large volume, we needed to purchase materials we can find in a large quantity/availability.


Are you switching to mass machine manufacturing?

In order to keep our quality, we can’t mass manufacture our dice. However, we can implement some new processes, utilize better equipment and hire help in order to increase our production in a shorter length of time.  We’ll be using the exact same materials to make our dice.


Companies producing handmade dice have struggled to fulfill kickstarter orders before. What is your strategy for making sure that doesn't happen, especially if the orders far exceed your expectations?

Our strategy for a successful campaign is:

-Having a scaleable production process mapped out and tested.

-Not taking any custom orders.

-Place an overall cap on the crowdfunding campaign to keep the total quantity of dice to a level that we can fulfill in the announced lead-time.


Why aren't you using Kickstarter?

We started with the intention of using kickstarter. However, a major concern for us was the amount of fees we would have to pay.

Here’s the math:
5% Kickstarter fee
5% Transaction fee
2% Backerkit fee + $200 set up fee
5% additional transaction fee for add-ons and shipping in the pledge manager

Our goal is to reach $150K.
Let’s say we didn’t do add-ons and threw in free shipping, that’s a minimum of 12%.
That’s at least 18k in fees.
We cannot make $18k worth of dice just to pay fees.

Kickstarter is a great resource for creators and we’re not saying they don’t deserve it, it’s just not going to work for us to use.

So instead we’re using a crowdfunding app that is compatible with our website. It has the same function as kickstarter AND a pledge manager at a flat rate fee totaling to less than $1000 (what a difference!). This frees us to allocate that money to items that we need. This will also allow us to keep all of the orders and updates on our site. You also don’t have to make an account with us, but if you do, this will allow you to earn points for discounts and other cool things that are to come. 


Will you be able to order individual dice types, in different colors, or only single color sets?

For the campaign, we will only be offering full sets and single D20’s.  Random singles are available in our normal shop sales.

Will any of the dice labeled "experimental" such as the halloween ones be apart of the campaign?

Unfortunately, no.  We’ve created countless different color combinations.  If we left the name at “Experimental X” it will not be offered in the Kickstarter.  Stay tuned for our catalog.

Will there be a campaign-only set? Or possibly a DMC special die?

We had something in mind, but it didn't work out in time for the campaign.

Will there be limitations in the campaign to how many backers you allow or how many sets you can order?

We will not be limiting the number of backers or the number of sets each backer can order. The only limit we will have will be on the campaign total in order to keep it to an amount of dice we can fulfill in the announced lead time.  The campaign will be open for 30 days or until it reaches 300K, whichever comes first.

Will “Gold Leaf in Blue” be available?

Unfortunately, no.  This is a very common question.  Please refer to the detailed answer in our normal FAQ.

Do you have a plan in place to allow you to continue having weekly sales even while fulfilling your campaign?

We will pause our normal sales for a certain amount of time in order to set-up and get our process going for crowdfunding campaign production. Once we're set up, we will have a once a month sale which will only be of extras, mis-tints, and necklaces, and a new untilcolor each month until the crowdfunding campaign is fulfilled.

When is shipping charged? (Ie, do we have to increase our pledge amount to account for shipping costs, or will it be charged later, such as with the pledge manager?)

For US orders, the shipping is free! International orders will receive discounted shipping after purchase. For international order over $225 the shipping is free.


Where can I find crowdfunding campaign updates?

You can find updates right here on our website. We also post them on our social media platforms.