November Update

Hi All!

Quick update for November. With my work schedule and no childcare, progress on the Crowdfunding Campaign dice has been crawling.

We can't possibly handcraft all of the dice ourselves at this rate. We've been searching for some time for a factory that can, as closely as possible, replicate our dice to fulfill the remaining Crowdfunding Campaign dice. We have stringent requirements so the search has not been easy. We are currently in talks with a factory that we hope can do this for us.

In the meantime, we are still handcrafting the dice. We've recently learned that we'll be receiving some family help with childcare for a few weeks in December that will hopefully free up Lemmie to make some more targeted progress on the dice.

In other news, the same factory that made the First Life Line dice in collaboration with HeartBeat Dice has delivered some more designs that we'll be photographing and putting up on our store soon. I think they came out really cool.

Thank you all for your continued support :)