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Single handcrafted 20 sided die. There may be a slight color variation from batch to batch.


Arcana - There’s this really hot merchant over in Emon, usually wears purple and gold, but I swear all I see is magic…

Heat sensitive color changing purple to teal shimmer inked in gold

DISCLAIMER: The properties of heat sensitive color does not last indefinitely. There is a possibility in 10-20 years it will stop changing. That's just the nature of this pigment. In hand, the dice color changes in 5-10 mins, however if you have "cold hands" it may take longer to change.


Astral Projection - Your party stops to change before going to the next destination and starts pulling out clothes of the same color. Confused by it, the bard turns to you and says, "On the Astral Plane, we wear purple." 

Translucent purple with blue shimmer inked in sky blue.


Conjured Lightning - Manipulation of the elements via magic can alter their appearance. Artificial lightning casts a faint blue glow & further manipulation can change the color drastically. Good for raves.

Translucent yellow w/ blue shimmer & iridescent glitter inked in sky blue


Constellation - Wandering in the dark? Tired of getting lost at night? Can you read a map? Well look to the stars! Read the heavens with ease with ancient Constellations! 

LHD & Gio Lasar Design color collaboration

Translucent blue w/ starry shimmer & iridescent glitter inked in silver


Deep Space - Patron: I did not lend you my power to settle petty spats in your love life.

Wizard: They said they wanted "space" so I gave them "space"

Also used to line the inside of Bags of Holding. 

Semi-translucent black with red and sparse blue shimmer inked in silver.


Gilded Shadow - 2nd Level Enchantment

Cast on the shadow of desired object/creature. A slight shimmer will attach to its shadow. Spell will last as long as the target does not get fully encased in darkness. 

Semi-translucent black with gold shimmer inked in gold


Goblin Horde - This one was inspired by the character Nott from CR. Green for the skin color, gold shimmer for the shinies she steals and pearl white for her mask. It’s Nott the best description but it works.

Transparent green with gold shimmer inked in pearl white


Golden Night - When cast, this spell will color the stars gold, making it easier to navigate.

Dark blue with gold shimmer and iridescent gold glitter inked in gold


Infernal Air - Travelers noted difficulty breathing as demonic ash reigns over a blood red sky in this dimension. Many suffered, lingering too long to stare at its beauty, so beware! Stay only as needed.

Transparent red w/ dark blue & iridescent flakes inked in sapphire blue


Lavender Gold - Grown for elven royalty, their druids cultivate the lavender to shine like the sun and not just absorb it.

Lavender with gold shimmer inked in gold


Love Potion - Ahhh, no, it’s not what you think it is. This makes YOU fall in LOVE with the POTION. Probably need to stock less literal inventory….

Translucent pink with blue shimmer inked in pearl white


Mermaid Waters - Usually found in tropical climates, Merfolk territories are imbued w/ magic & are marked by scatter pearls & scales. You think this pretty aesthetic was done purposefully, but they’re just messy.

Teal w/ gold shimmer & iridescent glitter inked in pearl white


Nightshade - Taken from an undead creature, this material is useful in creating illusions and poisons. It uses the cover of night to disguise its true darkness so use gloves.

Black with blue shimmer inked in sapphire blue


Phoenix Fire - A magical flame collected from the rebirth of a phoenix. If put out, will reignite as long as there is material to catch fire. Do not apply to birthday candles. Will burn cake.

 Transparent orange with gold shimmer and red glitter inked in gloss red.


Plane Shift South - Clear w/ color shift green/red/gold shimmer inked in black

Plane Shift North - Clear w/ color shift blue/pink/gold shimmer inked in teal

These teleportation sigil sequences are easy to master! But where north or south it actually takes you is another thing.


Silver Lined Storm - It’s true that every cloud has a silver lining. However, it’s not possible to concentrate them and have it rain silver. Quit it, druids.

Semi-translucent gray with silver shimmer inked in silver


Sky Fire - Myths told of a deity that so loved the sight of day, it granted dragons the ability to breathe fire to set ablaze the night, but only being able to color the edge of darkness.

Translucent sky blue with sunset orange shimmer and sun gold glitter inked in cloud white.


Sparkle Sparkle Dream Sand - A magical powder used to induce sweet dreams. The Sandman rates it 5 out of 5 dreams.

Clear with rainbow glitter inked in dark silver.


Sunbeam Gold - You would think that the Elves would've made this because of its radiance, but it's actually Dwarven forged. Something about the material needing a high heat and someone yelling, "Don't ya dare tell me what I can't do!"

Semi transluscent gold shimmer inked in gold