Update and Sale Time

Hi fam!

Our Next Public Sale will be on Friday, Nov 29th at 2pm PST on our website.

Available for sale will be the remaining batches of Halloween, experimental dice for possible future releases, Second Life dice, and a few other items. We’ll post an update with photos of items for sale on our blog a few hours before the sale.


Introducing Second Life Dice!

Second Life dice are slightly flawed dice that we sell at a discount. We have a lot because we’ve been setting them aside and are now able to make them beautiful and usable through our new polishing process. We usually catch flaws before they are painted so most of them won’t have the numbers painted so please note that you will have to ink the numbers yourself. That means you can put your own twist to it and we hope that you’ll create a second life for it.


Our emailing system is finally working! We’ll have an in depth update for our campaign backers coming out in the beginning of December. As a small business, it’s important to us that we figure out how to do this ourselves so we thank you for your patience about this!


A mini update about the campaign progress:

-Silver Lined Storm has been shipped out to US backers

-Gilded Shadow is made, we’re doing finishing and will be shipped out soon

-We’re about halfway through making Goblin Horde



That’s it for now! Much love fam!

Wishing you happy holidays from the Lucky Hand Dice Team