Update 6/12/19

Hi All!
Lemmie and Ned here with an update for the crowdfunding campaign.
Set-up and remaining pre-order fulfillment has taken us a bit longer than expected, but we're almost there. All Holographic dice is done, we're finishing up the last few batches of Fey Opal and Flower Minis.
As soon as we finish those past orders, we'll begin making crowdfunding campaign dice. 
Remember, if you ordered Arcana (either as a set or a single D20), see the updated disclaimer we posted the other day. You have until June 30th to submit your change, if you so choose.
While we'll be working on the crowdfunding campaign dice, our first shipment will likely be in July since we will have all the final Arcana changes in, and our new packaging won't arrive until then.
At this time, it looks like we'll have our first monthly sale towards the end of June. Please stay tuned for more updates when we have a date and time.
Thank you for your support! 
-Lemmie and Ned