Spoiled Surprise

Lucky Hand Dice and HeartBeat Dice Collab

Hey guys, I have what was supposed to be a special surprise for everyone, but unfortunately, some things have happened, which means I have to announce it earlier than I originally hoped. Here’s some context:

So I know a lot of you originally found Lucky Hand Dice due to my design “Gold Leaf in Blue.” It was one of the first designs I ever made, and it has gotten a lot of love since its creation. Unfortunately, while yielding beautiful results, it is difficult for us to make, the creation process makes a lot of waste, and thus the price is really high, so we had to set it aside till we could figure something out.

Then, a while back, a friend of mine showed me that a factory had ripped off my design, and then tried to sell it to them. This was frustrating and sad news, but it prompted us to do this:

Lucky Hand Dice has teamed up with HeartBeat Dice to create a more affordable version of our Gold Leaf in Blue. It will have Lucky Hand’s font with HeartBeat’s heart on the 20, which is fitting because the owner of HBD has shown us so much love with this collaboration. However, it’s not ready to show quite yet.

The reason we have decided to announce this now is because I’ve been informed that there are currently other people trying to sell my design as their own. If you see this design (gold leaf in translucent blue dice), please know they have copied my work. I would greatly appreciate it if this factory and the retailers/other dice-makers are not supported by people purchasing from them.

Finally, if you do find someone who is using my design, please don’t harass them!! I would prefer that people just ignore them and not buy their version of “Gold Leaf in Blue.” I know that I don’t “own” putting gold leaf in dice, but there are definitely ways to take this idea and make it your own. Many people are creating beautiful dice designs every day, and there are bound to be similar design ideas in the process. However, using the same resin color, gold leaf color, and ink color is a bit more than coincidental.

I’m sorry to bring you what was supposed to be exciting news on sad terms, but we’re SO excited for the prototypes from our HeartBeat Dice collaboration to come in so we can show you!!