Second Life Dice Tutorial

Congratulations on your set of Second Life Dice from LHD! These are dice with minor cosmetic flaws that we have polished extra to "buff out" some of the imperfections. They come unfinished so you can finish them however you desire :)


Here is a tutorial to finish your dice and make them ready for game-day:

1. Your dice will arrive with polishing compound inside the numbers. For the best look, we recommend scrubbing this compound out. The easiest method is to soak the dice in warm water for a couple minutes, then scrub the compound out with an old toothbrush in small circular motions. Rinse, and finally, wipe the dice down with a towel or rag to dry them off and give them a nice shine. (See pictures)
2. If you'd like to ink them, we recommend using a quality multi-surface acrylic paint. These can be found at any art supply store. Simply apply the paint with a small craft brush across the numbers in multiple directions to work the paint into the ends. (See pictures)
3. While the paint is still wet, gently wipe the surfaces of the dice with a wrung-out rag (we use old cotton t-shirts, but a wet paper towel works too). If the rag is too wet, it will just wipe all the paint away. Keep using different parts of the rag to clean the faces.
4. Set the dice out to dry on a paper towel for at least 30 minutes. If you have any residual paint streaks that dried on the surface of the dice, you can clean those up by dipping a rag or cotton swab in rubbing alcohol (we use 91% isopropyl) and wiping across the faces of the dice to clean off this residue. (Just a quick wipe is all that is needed--do not soak the dice in any solvents including alcohol.)
You're all done! Yay! :)