Safety tools and procedures

A change of pace from our usual updates, but I am seeing way too many people not regarding their health when creating with silicone and resin and that's not okay. I just came across video tutorials with someone not wearing gloves, and while that's their prerogative to ignore their own health, if you're teaching others how to craft with these materials and you don't use and talk about safety equipment, you're jeopardizing the health of new comers into the craft and that's on you.
No matter what kind of resin you're using you need to bare minimum, have a filtered mask, gloves and air flow. Not a face mask, that doesn't filter out the fumes, it does nothing for you.
[it needs to say it filters out fume or vapors]
Why is this important to have a proper sealed face mask and air flow? Because you can develop an allergy to the fumes and while you can't smell it, you're still breathing it in. If I don't have proper equipment and I breathe it in, I break out in hives. Every time.
Gloves need to be worn every single time you work with this stuff.
This is where I get mine. Uncured resin is toxic and clear, meaning that you don't always see where it is. Everyone makes mistakes and accidents happen and getting resin on your skin can result in terrible injuries. I got resin on my fingers and didn't wash it off properly and it damaged my skin to the point where it could retain moisture so for a full year, I had spots on my fingers where it would crack and bleed every single day. Same with silicone.
If it happens that you do get uncured silicone or resin on you, stop what you're doing immediately and go wash with an abrasive soap.
I use fast orange
When you are sanding, you need to wear a mask and gloves and eye protection not in your house. Why do you still need to wear gloves? Because the resin becomes powdered and can absorb through the skin. Especially for those who are wet sanding.
When I started, I didn't like using safety equipment and I paid for it with my health. I've made the mistakes and I hope you can learn through this instead of by experience. PLEASE take care of you health. And if you're making tutorial materials, you MUST INCLUDE SAFETY TOOLS AND PROCEDURES.
If you have any more questions about safety or anything health related, feel free to ask questions on my twitter. @LuckyHandDice