Pricing Update

1. Lemmie and I have been running all our numbers and being realistic with the true amount of time that goes into each and every die that we make. We've discovered that not only are we making less than minimum wage, but we really can't keep LHD operating any longer at our current pricing.

Starting immediately, our new pricing is as follows in USD (does not include shipping and handling):

Standard dice sets are $60 
Special dice sets are between $75 and $100
Standard D20's are $18
Special D20's are between $25 and $30
Standard Singles (D4, D6, D8, D10, D100, or D12) are $7 each
Special singles are more, depending on color (see listing before purchase)
Necklace pricing is remaining the same

2. From now on, we will not be using Etsy. We will be using our own site: (Please note, we will still keep our Etsy store up until we finish fulfilling the remaining preorders before the Kickstarter so you can still message us over there).

3. Reminder: No sale tomorrow. Our sale has been postponed to Tuesday 10/16 at 8 PM EST.

Message us with any questions.

Thanks for your continued support!