Phoenix Fire Update

Hi All!


Ned here with a quick follow-up on the Phoenix Fire Update I posted the other day.


After cleaning and re-polishing, only 6 pieces pass our quality standards for shipping. 3 D20's are able to be made into necklaces. A small handful were good enough for our Second Life Dice and the rest are unfortunately not up to our standard. (See main picture--left box is necklaces and good dice, middle box is Second Life Dice, right box is the damaged dice).


We're discussing if some of these could be sold separately at a discounted rate, but we agree it's not good enough to send out to backers. (See picture of example of damage).

I'm going to go ahead and ship out what I have done this week (shipping in order of purchase), and I've already started re-making the rest of Phoenix Fire. I will update again when I have the rest complete.


Once again, if your address has changed, please email us ( ) with your new address so we can make sure your dice get to you.


Thank you for your patience and continued support. :)