October Update

Hi All:


We appreciate everyone's patience in waiting for this update.


We've been receiving a lot of questions lately about the slow progress of our Crowdfunding Campaign and I wanted to help provide some clarity.


This crowdfunding campaign was an investment project to grow and expand our business so that we could fulfill the volume of the campaign in 12 to 18 months and ultimately make a sustainable business beyond the campaign.


When we were planning the campaign, there were critical components of our strategy to make this kind of production possible--exact metal master-molds, childcare, part-time contractors to help with finishing, and both Lemmie and I molding dice every day among other things. The most critical component was the master molds. (We recommend reading through previous updates for more details on what happened and why most of these things didn't work out).


Precious time and funds were expended in trying to implement these critical strategies. After 18 months of working on trying to make this work full-time, (a lot of that time with childcare and 2 part-time contractors assisting) and unfortunately, our production speed was still about the same as what we were able to achieve before we launched the Crowdfunding Campaign.


About the time that COVID started hitting our area, we had to make some serious cutbacks in our business spending and unfortunately had to cease childcare and and let go our part-time contractors. This brought our already slow progress to an even slower pace. As 2020 has worn on, our resources have been exhausted and I've had to take on a full-time job again outside the home to pay our bills.


We've been getting a lot of questions lately about our commitment so I want to make sure everyone understands that while things have not gone according to plan, we are committed to fulfilling this campaign to the very best of our ability.


Obviously, at our current rate, it would take an exorbitant amount of time to finish fulfillment handcrafting each and every set the way we've been making them. We've been working on some solutions to get everyone their dice as early as possible and we're getting some traction. We appreciate everyone's patience as we iron out these details. In the meantime, we'll be continuing to handcraft the campaign dice as quickly as we are able.


Thank you for your patience and continued support :)