May Update

Hi All!
Been a busy month getting as much done as possible with our family of four all getting sick with pneumonia. 

Phoenix Fire sets are all molded and in the finishing process. The Phoenix Fire D20's are about halfway through molding. The next color we're working on is Lavender Gold.

And while we're doing that, the Life Line dice collaboration with HeartBeat Dice came in and we're packing them up and getting those in the mail on Monday.

We're aiming for our next backer only sale in June. Expect Goblin Horde extra sets and D20's, singles, and necklaces; along with a few experimental sets and singles that will hit once the site is opened to the public. There was some confusion with our last backers only sale of where the password was. It was in the backers only update, but from now on we'll send a separate email with just the password in it.

Personal update: Due to fulfillment of the Crowdfunding Campaign taking longer than planned, we've had to make some personal cut-backs in order to stretch our budget. We unfortunately don't have childcare anymore which allowed each of us to work at the same time. We're back to taking turns and working longer days, so that's been a challenge we're working through everyday. 

 We appreciate everyone's patience as we work through these challenges and we hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy. :)

-Ned & Lemmie