March Update

Hi All:

Ned here with another update on the Crowdfunding Campaign.

Sorry we didn't have an update in February. Like we mentioned in our last major update, we were priced out of our previous residence and had to move. Also in February, Lemmie got in a car accident and we lost our only vehicle. Luckily she and our girls are OK and we have since purchased a replacement vehicle. This move was tough for us and took a lot of our time and attention. We packed up our home and business in February and moved everything to a smaller home more in our budget. We only very recently got our garage workshop setup (where we mold the dice) and our office (where we finish the dice, ship, etc). As you can imagine, no production has taken place between that time.

We are back up and running and are in the process of touching up Goblin Horde in anticipation of shipping that out to domestic backers ASAP.

Goblin Horde dice lined up in rows

Obviously, we are very behind schedule on our initial CF projections. We accept ownership and responsibility and we felt that we shared many of the reasons for this in previous updates. Please feel free to reference all our previous updates compiled in the "Updates" section of our website here:

In the past, we held back on sharing every single obstacle and road block we ran into because we felt it was unnecessarily negative and burdensome, and we even worried that some folks might scoff them off as "excuses." Given the responses we've been receiving lately, it's clear that some of you would like even greater transparency regarding all the difficulties we have experienced throughout the last year and about the future obstacles that may slow our progress. For those seeking greater detail, stay tuned for a possible video when we can explain things in greater detail.

It's worth repeating that, as it relates to the production side of our little business, it's just Lemmie and I. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we navigate the treacherous waters of entrepreneurship whilst raising two tiny humans in diapers through ever-changing phases of childhood (word to the wise: "terrible two's" got nothing on "terrifying three's").

Moving forward, we will aim to keep up with our at least monthly formal Crowdfunding Campaign updates. I hope y'all understand that these updates are actually very carefully crafted and not quick and easy to make and email out. We will also strive to engage our audience better on social media with the obvious caveat that we need to focus the bulk of our time and energy into fulfilling the Crowdfunding Campaign dice.

We understand that y'all have been waiting a long time for your dice, and we hear you. We're working on some solutions that may help those who would rather not wait the required time it will take us to carefully handcraft your dice. They're still in the works, but when we know more, we'll share with you all and talk about how they could be implemented.

On a sidenote, we wish all those within the sight of these words safety and good health during the COVID-19 crisis.