March Update

Hey y’all!

It’s been a while since our last update, so here’s what has happened so far…


WE FUNDED!!! (I mean, you know that, but like, it still blows our mind).


Where the funding has gone to so far:

Work Space

We moved across the country and rented a space roughly the size of a 2 car garage for production! It’s a little dark, but it has a TON of potential!  The space came bare so it’s been a process planning it out for optimal workflow and organization.


Hire Help

It took us awhile to find, but we hired one full time person and WOW they have been such a huge help getting us set up! We don’t have our larger production process set up yet, but we’re currently working on hiring a part time person so we’ll be ready.


Equipment Upgrade

Our master molds are being worked on now (expensive but critical). These will help us make molds faster and be able to make larger batches. The rest of our equipment has been ordered and some has already arrived! (Everything is coming together! Ahhhhh!!!!!)



  1. Moving, packing, and unpacking sucks, lol.
  2. Having a person working with us full time has been 100x helpful. We had a couple great part-timers in NC that helped us, so having the funds to hire someone full-time has really been a game-changer for our efficiency. You all have cast a level 2 bless on us.
  3. Plan for chaos. The area that we originally looked into didn’t work out, but after some serious house-hunting, we found a great little place in our budget. But then all our household goods (including everything needed to make dice) took a couple more weeks to get to us, so we had to camp out indoors and work on what we could to set-up. Thankfully, we budgeted time into our plan for unknowns so we aren’t dragging behind just from the first month.
  4. We are so thankful to our backers. You guys have changed our lives. Be excited, we got some cool stuff headed your way.


Reminder:  First and foremost, we will be finishing the remaining preorders (Flower Minis, Fey Opal, and Holographic) before we begin making crowdfunding campaign dice.


Thank you all for your patience and support!


Lemmie and Ned