June Update

Hi All!
Ned here with another update on the Crowdfunding Campaign.
I had hoped to ship out all of Phoenix Fire this week, but we ran into an unfortunate snag.
I had finished molding and painting all of the Phoenix Fire and was putting the 2nd half through our polishing process. Unfortunately, our equipment broke and damaged the entire batch of dice (about half of the sets and all the individual D20's). 
We're working on finding a remedy to repair them, but there is a possibility that they will not be salvageable. 
If that is the case, we will go ahead and ship out the sets I have ready to go and we'll have to remake the other half. Sincerely hoping this is not the case.
Wanted to get this update out before the close of the month. Will update again soon when we know if we can save the dice.
Quick reminder: if your address has changed since placing your Crowdfunding Campaign order, please email us at luckyhanddice@gmail.com with your name, order number, and your new address so we can update your order for you.
All the best,