January Update

Dice set with iridescent flake in light gray dice with transparent red heart suspended in the middle and silver numbers

HeartBeat/LHD Collab Preorder is Live!

Lucky Hand Dice is honored to collaborate with HeartBeat Dice!  We found a factory to make a  a beautiful yet affordable dice set—transparent resin with iridescent flakes, a suspended transparent red heart, inked in metallic silver.  Your pre-order will also include a beautiful art print from Heart Beat Dice and a custom game made by Jeeyon Shim. Portion of the profits will go to The Trevor Project. Pricing is $20 plus shipping until the Pre-order ends on January 31st, 2020.  We will be ordering more sets to sell after at $25 plus shipping.  We expect to be able to deliver these in March!  Get your pre-order right on our site here:  https://www.luckyhanddice.com/


Crowdfunding Campaign Progress

We have completed molding all the Goblin Horde sets and are making the last few batches of D20’s. They are being put through the finishing processes. We’re currently molding Phoenix Fire.

As a followup to our last update, the cut-off date to message us about your polishing preference is Feb 29, 2020.


Updated List

An updated tentative list for the order fulfillment can be found on our Campaign FAQ here: https://www.luckyhanddice.com/pages/campaign-faq

The current order the campaign colors will be made is:

  • Silver Lined Storm COMPLETED
  • Gilded Shadow COMPLETED
  • Goblin Horde
  • Phoenix Fire
  • Lavender Gold
  • Conjured Lightning
  • Constellation
  • Plane Shift South
  • Sunbeam Gold
  • Sky Fire
  • Love Potion
  • Mermaid Waters
  • Infernal Air
  • Astral Projection
  • Night Shade
  • Plane Shift North
  • Deep Space
  • Golden Night
  • Arcana
  • Sparkle Sparkle Dream Sand

The order may change as we progress.


Next Backer Only Sale!

The next backer only sale will be this Saturday, Feb 1st at 2pm PST.  As a reminder, for the first 24 hours, this sale will be reserved for those who backed our 2019 Crowdfunding Campaign.  Available for sale will be extra sets, singles, and necklaces of Silver Lined Storm and Gilded Shadow.  During this 24 hours, the site will be password protected.  Backers will receive an email with the password.  Should any items be left after the 24 hour period, the site will re-open to the public and remaining items will be available to everyone. The password has been sent to campaign backers via email.


Personal Update

On a personal note, we have been priced out of the house we are currently renting and will have to move at the end of our lease February 29th.  We are looking at other houses locally and have some promising leads.  While we aim to make this a quick move, realistically we can see this move putting a damper on production during February and early March. We appreciate everyone’s patience :-)