December Update

Happy Holidays everyone!

We hope you all have been having a wonderful holiday season so far and we'd love to add to that by giving you a BIG Lucky Hand update!


Gilded Shadow is on its way! We are almost completely done with this color and everybody who backed this one should be receiving a tracking email very soon if you haven't already. A gentle reminder if you need to update your address, please email us to update it.

As mentioned before, next design is Goblin Horde. We are well into molding this color. Phoenix Fire and Lavender Gold are next! 

Subtle difference. Clear coat on the left. Polishing on the right.

GREAT NEWS: Due to overwhelmingly positive feedback on our new polishing technique (where we physically polish the faces of the dice instead of applying a clear coat), we're switching all dice to this new method starting with Goblin Horde. We've heard from many of you that you prefer the hand feel and appearance of the new technique. As an added bonus, since it is a little faster for us to do, it will help us to get your dice to you faster! To thank you, we'll include a complementary matching resin miniature with every Crowdfunding Campaign set with the new polishing technique. In the event that anyone should prefer the old method of polishing, simply send us an email ( as soon as possible, with your name and order number stating this preference and we'll make your dice with the traditional polishing technique.

Campaign Backers will receive a complimentary miniature with every set that uses the new polishing technique.

While we love to share with you the positives of this campaign, we'd be remiss if we didn't also share with you the tribulations.  As we mentioned in previous updates, not everything has gone according to our original plans and we're obviously behind schedule. Among all the little things that have proven more difficult, the single biggest obstacle has been our inability to find someone capable of making metal master molds of our dice that meet our standard of finish and quality. This was supposed to help us crank out large quantities of good silicone molds to really up our production speed. While this has set us back, it's not going to get us down :) We appreciate everyone's patience as we handcraft your dice :)


Yes we know some of you have been looking forward to this update and we wish we had better news! We heard your cries for sharp edges and we've been working with multiple manufacturers to try and make that happen. Unfortunately, we have yet to find a manufacturer capable of delivering a product that meets our quality standards. We've included a picture of the samples we have received this far in this project for reference.

First samples. Problems include uneven sanded surfaces, sanding marks, paint blotches and lack of gold leaf.

Second samples. Painted gold to differentiate from first samples. More gold leaf, but still having trouble with uneven surfaces and bubbles.

We’re still working on this but it will take more time to get them done right.


What else is coming up in the future for Lucky Hand? Well some of you may have seen the call on Twitter/FB for small business crafters and creatives to work with us. We are looking to promote, collaborate, and showcase the amazing talent in the gaming community and we can't wait to be able to share more with you all. And, by the way, don't worry, this project is long term and won't be taking away from the immense time and effort we are putting in to get you the Crowdfunding Campaign dice you backed for! 

Alright well that's all we have for now but we hope you all have a wonderful holiday and the luckiest of rolls!

-From the Lucky Hand Dice Team