Crowdfunding Campaign Updates

Hey guys, we need to talk about a few things.



======= PRICING =======

First we want to give a huge thank you shout out to everyone who helped us raise funds for our much needed R&D. We could not have gotten this far without testing and experimenting. What those funds allowed us to do was to set up consultations, pay for prototypes and test out methods. While we will be able to make some of our process more capable for larger production, there’s a crucial series of steps we weren’t able to streamline. We experimented everything we possibly could think of and it was great in theory, but not in practice. So because of this, we cannot offer our past pricing as we had hoped to. We’re really disappointed it didn’t work out, please know that we tried everything we could possibly think of to make it work. We’re posting the prices before the launch so people can have as much time to make an informed financial decision.



The prices for our campaign are:

Standard Color Single D20 $25 USD

Special Color Single D20 $35 USD


Standard Color Set $75 USD

Special Color Set $100 USD


SHIPPING is included for all domestic orders, and a $5 discount will be given to all international shipping. International orders over $225 USD will receive free priority shipping so your order is tracked the entire way.





I know this is throwing everyone for a loop. We started with the intention of using kickstarter. However, a major concern for us was the amount of fees we would have to pay.


Here’s the math:

5% Kickstarter fee

5% Transaction fee

2% Backerkit fee + $200 set up fee

5% additional transaction fee for add-ons and shipping in the pledge manager


Our goal is to reach $150K.

Let’s say we didn’t do add-ons and threw in free shipping, that’s a minimum of 12%.

That’s at least 18k in fees.

We cannot make $18k worth of dice just to pay fees.


Kickstarter is a great resource for creators and we’re not saying they don’t deserve it, it’s just not going to work for us to use.


So instead we’re using a crowdfunding app that is compatible with our website. It has the same function as kickstarter AND a pledge manager at a flat rate fee totaling to less than $1000 (what a difference!). This frees us to allocate that money to items that we need. This will also allow us to keep all of the orders and updates on our site. You also don’t have to make an account with us, but if you do, this will allow you to earn points for discounts and other cool things that are to come. We’ll explain in more detail how it’ll work in a future update.




======= IN CASE OF NOT FUNDING =======

Ned and I have been going back and forth about publicly addressing this because we don’t want to panic people into supporting. However, because the outcome would be drastically different if we don’t fund we think it’s important for you all to know. Our goal is high. It’s really high and with that is the possibility of not reaching our target. If that is the case, we will fulfill outstanding orders and then shut down LHD. The math makes sense for us to continue with higher production, but we haven’t been able to save to expand, or just make it as is. We should’ve started increasing our prices earlier, but we were holding out on all of the R&D working. This seems kinda daunting, with the outcome being really good or really bad, but we would like to assure you guys that we’ve learned a lot about running a business and properly pricing our work  so that the campaign will be successful.


So! With that being said, here’s how you can help:

  1. Purchasing items from us.
  2. Backing our crowdfunding campaign. (But only what is financially responsible and non-stressful!)
  3. Sharing what we’re doing on social media! We haven’t spent any money on marketing or advertising and that’s because of you guys! We really appreciate the awesome reviews and posts!


We hope everything makes sense and if you have any questions, check our fb page. Thanks!