Crowdfunding Campaign Update 10/11/19

Hi All!
Ned here with an update on the crowdfunding campaign and other cool stuff!
1. Silver Lined Storm is 100% done and we'll be shipping it out to US backers this coming week. (Reminder: all international orders will be shipped when completed in one package).
2. We're well into molding our 2nd color Gilded Shadow. The next colors will be Goblin Horde and Phoenix Fire 🔥
3. Our next sale is going to be Tuesday October 22nd at 2 PM PDT which will be mis-tints and extras of crowdfunding campaign colors (Gilded Shadow and some Silver Lined Storm singles) for our campaign backers and the public sale will be the following day Wednesday October 23rd at 2 PM PDT which will have several shades (from different batches) of Halloween! Make sure to read the descriptions to understand what shade you are getting.
4. We have been experiencing some hiccups with the mass-emailing system (some folks never got any emails). We appreciate your patience as we troubleshoot this issue. In the meantime, please note that all updates and information is posted on our website ( and also on our Facebook pages, so you won't miss out on anything if you keep up with us there :)
5. Gold Leaf in Blue update: the first companies we spoke with about manufacturing this design for us were not able to make it, but we have now found one that can make it. We're still in talks with them and going through the sampling process to make sure they can deliver a product up to our quality standards. We appreciate everyone's patience on this project 🙏
6. Lemmie is in San Francisco at Big Bad Con! If you're there, make sure you Tweet at her and catch up with her! She has some LHD swag too!
7. General reminder: if your shipping address changes, make sure to send us an email ( with your order number and your new address so we can change your shipping address on your order and make sure your dice gets to you.
Love you all!