Crowdfunding Campaign Update

Hi all!


While we had a few delays at the beginning, we’re at a point where things are running pretty smoothly. Here are some things that have happened:


-We have 3 people on staff now!

From our job posting, we had so many great applicants to choose from and to anticipate our production workload, we hired two people. They’re trained on their position and have been doing great work!


-Preorder 4 and 5 are getting done.

We’re about halfway done with the orders! Flower minis are giving us some trouble, and we had a slight glitter explosion that needed to be cleaned up, but with the hired help, we’re able to get so much done. All of the people who are waiting on orders from both preorders have been sent a message a while ago, but if you haven’t seen it yet, we’re including an extra random die to thank you for your patience.


-Our packaging is going green!

One of the things that Ned and I want to do is be mindful with how much waste we create. We know our poly mailers that we’ve been using haven’t been the most reassuring way to send dice so we’ll be using 100% recycled padded paper mailers.


-First items to be sent out will be…stickers!

We’re redesigning our thank you cards so as soon as those are finished those will be sent out.


Just a reminder if you're moving, send us an email at with your new address. :)