Hi All!

Ned here with a special update for those who ordered either a set or a D20 of Arcana in the crowdfunding campaign.

We did post a disclaimer during the crowdfunding campaign, that the color-changing characteristics of the pigment we use for Arcana does not last forever. However, we'd like to repeat this disclaimer again because of some new information we just received.

It has been reported to us by a customer that bought a set of Invisible (color-changing from black to white {old design}) from us a year and a half ago, that their set no longer changes color. While this is a different thermochromic pigment than the one we use in Arcana, it is a vital data point, that shows that the color-changing qualities may potentially stop working as early as a year and a half in.

Just like we stated in the Arcana Disclaimer during the funding campaign, keep in mind that the thermochromic (heat-sensitive color-changing) quality of the pigment we use in the Arcana design does not last forever. It was also pointed out to us in comments on that post that thermochromic pigments may be prematurely aged by excessive exposure to UV (like being stored on a sunny windowsill), extreme heat (like being left in a hot car on a summer day), or even extreme cold. We can't personally verify these claims, but they make a lot of sense.

We'd like everyone to think of the Arcana dice as beautiful purple dice with white shimmer and gold ink, that, as a bonus for the lifespan of the pigment, will change to teal above 92 degrees Fahrenheit. If you're cool with this, you can stop reading here.

If this disclaimer changes your mind, we'd like to once again offer you the option to change your selection to any of the other standard designs offered in the crowdfunding campaign.

So, for those who ordered Arcana (either as a set or as a D20), you have 2 options:

#1. Keep your order the way it is, understanding the disclaimer. No action is required.

#2. Change your Arcana set or D20 to a different standard design from the list below. You will have until June 30th to notify LHD via email of your change (

Golden Night
Sunbeam Gold
Conjured Lightning
Goblin Horde
Mermaid Waters
Sky Fire
Deep Space
Astral Projection
Lavender Gold
Love Potion
Phoenix Fire
Silver Lined Storm

Once again, if your main motivation for ordering Arcana was for the heat-sensitive color-changing characteristic, then we'd encourage you to switch your order to another one of our equally excellent standard colors from the list above (June 30th is the deadline). If you don't mind the disclaimer, we'll gladly still make you your Arcana dice, so no action is required on your part.

Thank you all for your understanding and support