April Update

Hi All!

Ned here with another update.

Goblin Horde sets and D20's have all been mailed out (to US buyers). 
We are in the process of molding Phoenix Fire. 


Snapshot of my desk right now. Phoenix Fire in 3 different phases.


The next color will be Lavender Gold!


Some exciting news on the HeartBeat Dice Collaboration! The dice are done and on their way to us! When we receive them, we'll need to go through them, package them up, and get them in the mail to you.


Special note! We ordered extra First Life Line Heartbeat collaboration dice and you can find them in the store for sale now! 


Aiming to put up more dice in the store in May. Goblin Horde extra sets, D20's, singles, and necklaces; some Second Life Dice sets, and a few experimental colors. Stay tuned for drop date and time :)