A Few Changes

Hey guys! Ned and I have been discussing and will be implementing a few things to help us with our growth. Below is a list of changes.


  1. Holding sales every other week.

    The amount of prep work that goes into each sale takes up at least half of our Saturday, all of Sunday and a half of Monday. That’s a lot of time! So instead of having a sale each week, we’ve decided to have a sale every other week and rechannel that time into making more dice so that each sale will have more items and finish up the preorders faster. So the next sale we have won’t be Nov 4th. It’ll be Nov 11th.

  2. Increase in prices for Ready To Ship items.

    We know we just did a price increase recently, but we need to do another one. The price increase we just implemented has definitely helped us get by and we’re so thankful that most of you guys have been understanding. The reason we are doing another one is because while we’re able to pay our bills, that’s the only thing we have time for. So if we can spend less time working to make sure we’re paying bills, we can spend more time working on the kickstarter/preorders to get that done sooner.

    REMINDER that the kickstarter will have old pricing with the standard set priced at $50 USD plus shipping. So if you don't have the funds now, but don't mind waiting, the kickstarter will be the best option.

  3. Updated logo.

    I love our logo. I put a lot of time and thought into it, I LOVE the meaning behind it. For those who don’t know, it’s a universal sign of protection, and has unique meanings to multiple cultures. The open palm with the fingers together means to bring good luck.

    However, as we’re planning for the future of LHD and seeing what other things we want to get into (years into the future though), we thought it would be inappropriate to entangle fantasy into the symbol when a majority of people don’t know the historic and cultural meaning behind it. So I’ve redesigned a new logo for LHD. It’s still inspired by a hand palm with the fingers closed together to mean good luck, but now it has more meaning to me (I’ll get more into the symbolism in another post) We’re updating all of social media with our new logo first. You’ll still see our old logo on all of our photos and items until the kickstarter launches.